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Overseas Companies

Overseas Companies (OC) is a company registered outside of Vanuatu.


If an OC is “carrying on business” in Vanuatu, it must be registered within 20 working days.


The Director/s can appoint an attorney to act for it. Some clients choose to use their existing OC simply to be a shareholder/director in either a local Company or International Company meaning they do not need to be registered.


Other clients wanting to carry on business in Vanuatu, whether short or long term, after consulting with their tax consultants in their country of residence, decide to use their OC.


KEY REQUIREMENTS. It must if carrying on business in Vanuatu:

  • Be registered with the VFSC.

  • Keep a Register.

  • File Annual Returns.

  • Have a registered representative in Vanuatu.

  • Comply with Foreign Investment Laws.

  • Give public notice when no longer “carrying on business”.

  • Advise the VFSC when changing the OC name, or of directors, or of changes to persons authorized to accept service in Vanuatu of documents or changes to shareholders or nominees and class/ number of shares held.


  • Have a bank account in Vanuatu.

  • Create debts over property in Vanuatu (such as lending money to a 3rd party in Vanuatu).

  • Invest in and hold property in Vanuatu.

If you want to register an Overseas Company in Vanuatu, or want to know more, please contact us.

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