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We make things easy for our clients. Most of our services are fixed price meaning you know what your investment is before we start your matter.


There are 3 easy steps to follow:

1. Fill out and submit the 'Client Questionnaire & Identification Form' below. Please provide as much information as possible as to what you want. Everything is confidential so you can be confident your information is safe.

2. We review the information you have given us and will then contact you to make sure we understand your situation. If we need more information we will ask for it. We will send you our quote, and put forward our recommendation of how to structure your affairs along with a request for you to supply us needed documents.

3. You then pay the quoted amount in full, and we finish your matter. We may need to get further information from you; remember we are a legal firm so we want to make sure things are right, and this may take time.

Trust Set Up Form

Company Set Up Form

Deceased Estate Form

Client Agreement Form

Schedule of Fees

Client Questionnaire

& Identification Form

Thanks for submitting!

PO Box 1703, Port Vila Vanuatu

Email :

Tel : +678 7100970

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